Pavel Naumenko (born 9 September 1965) – Ukrainian PhD in Sciences, Full member (Academician) of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine Docent of the National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute. Naumenko was awarded with the Best Employer of 2003 as the General Director of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) in 2004. Winner of the Aviation Week’s Laureate Awards (US) for successes on the international market in promotion of An-140 – first passenger aircraft designed and produced in the independent Ukraine.

Author of numerous academic works and inventions in the area of developing and manufacturing of piloted and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which received Ukrainian, Russian and Iranian patents.

Early life

Graduated from Klovsky Lyceum № 77 (Kiev, Ukraine) in 1982 and went to National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute, having graduated with distinction in 1988 as an engineer-mechanic. 

Naumenko started to work as Master of the manufacturing site at the aggregate-assembly workshop of Kharkiv Aircraft Plant. At this period, KSAMC launched a series production of An-72 (first flight of the serial An-72 was on 20 December 1985). An-72 became the base for a whole new family of multi-purpose airplanes An-72 / 74 nicknamed as "Flying SUV" due to their unique flight characteristics, simplicity of service and capability to take off and land on poorly equipped runways. 


In August 1990, on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pavel Naumenko leaves KSAMC to set up a private engineering company InterAMI. The most famous projects of the company were joint production of Amitron TV sets with Samsung (1992–1995) and production of polymer products according to the technology of the German company ADM Isobloc (1994–2004). 

InterAMI restores its collaboration with KSAMC in 1996 the result of which was a specialized enterprise "KSAMC Trading House" for professional promotion of An-74 of different modifications on the international market, which enabled to implement a contract with the Government of Iran to deliver 12 An-74 aircraft in the middle of economic crisis in Ukraine. 

InterAMI sets up its engineering department InterAMI-Interior that designs and develops aircraft and helicopter interiors, particularly for An-74 and An-140 in 1999. "InterAMI-Interior" succeeded to radically change old-fashioned post-Soviet aircraft interiors on new technological Western types, which were more competitive on the market. 

Pavel Naumenko leads InterAMI in the process of setting up a new airline Aeromist-Kharkiv in 2002. It became one of the first airlines to use An-140 that this airline used until 2007 on domestic and international routes to the EU countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. Aeromist-Kharkiv became an authorised company from KSAMC to exhibit An-140 during international air shows, such as Le Bourget Air Show, Farnborough Airshow, Dubai Air Show and others.


Since the late 1990s, Pavel Naumenko takes direct part in the organisation of serial production of new An-140 and An-74TK-300 designed by "Antonov" Aeronautial Scientific Technical Complex. Starting from 2002 until 2007, Naumenko leads a production process of the following aircraft modifications on KSAMC: regional An-140-100 (2004), business An-74TK-300D (2004), multi purpose An-74T-200A (2004–2005), business An-140 VIP (2004).

Upon the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine's initiative, the first An-74TK-300D was given a special registry number that highlighted that presidents of Ukraine use an aircraft produced in Ukraine. After the aircraft was transferred in 2004 into the ownership of "Ukraine» State Enterprise, it acquired a registry number UR-LDK (L.D. Kuchma) and was later renamed as UR-YVA (Yushchenko V.A.). The number was changed to a neutral UR-AWB in 2012. 

The aircraft received an index of An-74T-200A in which "A" stands for "Arabic". It was linked with KSAMC's victory in a tender announced by the Government of Egypt to deliver three, and eventually six, aircraft of the Egyptian Air Force in 2003. An-74T-200A competed with C-27J Spartan (Lockheed Martin (US), Alenia Aeronautica (Italy)), EADS CASA C-295 (CASA (Spain) and Airbus Military (EU)). 

From 2012, Pavel Naumenko is a consultant for a number of EU companies on the UAVs based on piloted aircraft projects, using Fly-by-Wire or Fly-by-Optics control systems together with full authority digital engine control systems (FADEC). 


Pavel Naumenko supports and promotes a range of IT projects since 2014. One of them is DROTR – DROID TRANSLATOR represented as the most promising communicator with a capability of online translation on 29 languages. 


Pavel Naumenko has received various awards recognizing different areas including aerospace and philanthropy.

Ukrainian: Order of Merit (Ukraine) of II (2004) and of III (1999) classes; "For effective management" of the International Cadre Academy – 2001; "Kharkiv Resident" of the Year – 2001–2003; Honorary title «Social recognition" of ІІІ grade – 2002; "Best Employer of 2003 in Ukraine" award – 2004; Honorary bade of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – 2004; “For cooperation in ensuring safety of Ukraine's borders" Medal – 2003; “Sloboda Glory" honorary badge of the chairman of Kharkiv Oblast Administration – 2003; «For efforts" badge of Kharkiv's Mayor – 2003; Medal of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine – 2004; “Honor, Glory and Labour" St George's Silver medal – 2004;

"Man of Year (2004)" in the nomination "Industrialist of the Year".

International: Winner of the Aviation Week’s Laureate Awards (US)  for successes in promotion of An-140 aircraft on the international market – 2004; Golden medal of Societe d'Encouragement pour L'industrie Nationale (SPI) – Association for promotion of French industries – 2003;

Orders of Ukrainian Orthodoxy: "Venerable Nestor the Chronicler" of I, II and III grades – 2003–2004, "Venerable Agapetus of Pechersk" of II and III grades – 2004–2005; Medal of "The Saint and Equal to Apostles Prince Vladimir" of I grade – 2005; “Venerable Ilya Muromets” of III grade - 2005, Medal of "Saint Anthony and Feodosia of Pechersk" – 2006, "For Religious Merit" Medal - 2010.

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Pavel Naumenko Kiev 1970 1

5 years old, Kiev 1971

scan0096 med hr-2

During the test of the first rocket, Kiev 1979


A student of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, Kharkiv 1985


São Pedro de Moel, Portugal 1990

Чемпионат СССР по акробатическому рок-н-роллу 1991

The first (and last) USSR Championship in Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll (dance) (Kharkiv, 1991)


InterAMI, Kharkiv 1993


InterAMI, Kharkiv 1994

scan0008 (1)

London 1995

scan0196-2 (1)

First export contract of An-74T-200 aircraft, Kharkiv 1997


France 1997

1997 in Kharkiv (3)

In talks with Chinese aviation businessmen, Kharkiv 1997


Taipei City, Taiwan 1997

Belize 2 1998

Belize 1998


Laos, Vientiane 1999


Thailand, Bangkok 1999

На строительстве ИнтерАМИ-Интерьер 1999

During the construction period of the InterAMI-Interior plant, Kharkiv 1999

Bagdad 2000

Baghdad 2000


InterAMI, Kharkiv 2000


Paris 2001

YaK-40 VIP & NPO

YaK-40 VIP Interior presentation (designed by InterAMI), Кharkiv 2002

Farnborough 2002

An-140' first demonstration for the international community at the Farnborough Air Show (London, July 22-28, 2002)

With KSAMC pilots 2002

Press-conference with the KSAMC' pilots, Кharkiv 2002


India, Kolkata (Calcutta) 2002

 Джухай 2002

KSAMC’ team with An-140 aircraft in China, Zhuhai 珠海 November 2002

SOKOLNIKI Health Center

Opening of a new KSAMC Health Center for the company's employees, February 2003

Pavel Naumenko Ph.D. 2 (Kharkiv 2003)

Ph.D. thesis, Кharkiv 2003


Aviation and music: symphony concert for the workers in the KSAMC’ assembly shop, Кharkiv 2003


During the medal ceremony of the winner Societe d'Encouragement pour L'industrie Nationale (SPI) - Association for the Promotion of Industry, Paris 2003

Paris Le Bourget 2003

KSAMC’ team, Le Bourget, Paris 2003

KSAMC 2003

Meeting on joint production of An-148 aircraft, KSAMC. Photo: Director General VASO Mr. Vyacheslav Salikov (second from left), General Designer of Antonov ASTC Mr. Petro Balabuev (fourth from left), General Designer of Ilyushin Mr. Victor Livanov (fifth from left). Kharkiv 2003


KSAMC, Kharkiv 2003

ХГАПП 2004 пресс-конференция

KSAMC, Kharkiv 2004

scan0134 (1)

With partners from India, London 2004

The United States Congress, Washington, D.C. 2004

IMG 6540

Almaza Air Base, during the delivery 1st AN-74T-200A, Cairo 2005


Talking to reporters, Kharkiv 2005

Pavel Naumenko (KSAMC), Alpesh Lad (HSBC) and others (Kharkiv 2006)

KSAMC, with HSBC experts, Kharkiv 2006

Kharkov KSAMC 2006

KSAMC Gala evening in 2006, Kharkiv, December 2006


Narsarsuaq, Greenland 2007

IMG 0897 март 2007

KSAMC, Kharkiv 2007

IMG 0774

KSAMC' Aviation Museum, near the mockup of airplane-giant K-7, Kharkiv 2007

8 мая 2007 окончания контракта ГД ХГАПП

Meeting of the heads of departments of KSAMC regarding the completion of the contract with the General Director of KSAMC and presentaion of a new head of the company (Kharkiv, 10 May 2007)


BPA London Limited, London 2008


Vnukovo-3, Moscow 2009

DSC 4528

Hong Kong 2010


V-24 Softex aircraft, Chernihiv 2015


CES 2018, Las Vegas

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