Personal 360º - panoramic on-line video capture device

27 January 2015

First steps


In 2000, FlyCam (Fuji Xerox, Japan) for the first time demonstrated panoramic on-line video imaging merging images from an array of video cameras mounted around the circumference at different angles. Video information was available at a HTTP-server. 

Hands-free panoramas

Panoramic imaging is becoming more and more popular: in January 2014 Motrr company (US) presented an original gadget allowing your iPhone or GoPro camera to shoot a high-quality 360º-panorama in an automatic mode.

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Everything is seen

The panoramic real-time video may become the means ensuring realistic visual control in places where security depends on human actions or where human actions require continuous analysis.

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Personal capture

 One of the female characters of The Jackal thriller movie (The Jackal, Universal Studios Inc., 1997) Valentina Kozlova (played by Diane Venora) – an honest and ascetic police major who refused from security measures proposed to her under the witness protection program, said: «The good guys don’t hide». We are being watched and controlled but each of us has an unconditional right of self-control – the main method of individual protection against temptations and provocations. iPlate© is designed as a multi-functional device with a wide application range, and one of its features is to ensure 360º - panoramic on-line video feed with a possibility of intellectual analysis, as well as video and sound recording. This function of iPlate© comprises instant data sending to the cloud server, thus allowing access to the information irrespective of the conditions under which the video feed was received and what happened with the device or its owner later. iPlate© has a exquisite ergonomic form - it is so beautiful that easily merges with an office place, private apartments or car interiors. There is no need to do anything: just put iPlate© near you and your digital assistant and lawyer will never fail you.

Usage peculiarities

Conceptually, iPlate is able not only to confirm everything you have said or done, but also to replace you in venues you can not attend for some reason. A lecture, a conference, negotiations or just a party - using this gadget, you will learn and see everything even being absent from an event.

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Particularly important, iPlate’s functions can be used to receive remote consultations: from industrial production to medical issues; participation in court hearings (if a respective court order is available) and, finally, it can be used as a high-quality security device in your home. The iPlate-technology allows not only to analyze a panoramic video image, but is capable of printing out geographic data and all conversations, including translation into the needed language. Planned initial price of the device (without the flying platform’s cost) starts at 300 USD for low-end models.

CCTV always staying with you. 

iPlate is not a hidden device capable of infringing upon somebody’s privacy. This is a personal gadget designated primarily for self-analysis.

If the iPlate’s owner thinks that he or she needs somebody else’s help with this analysis and access to his or her cloud server should be granted to another person - this will be the decision of the owner and no one else. The iPlate technology allows to integrate everything offered currently by the IT branch: from high-speed data exchange protocols to smart video analysis. Combined with the flying platform (see Newsletter of January 23, 2015), iPlate becomes the device allowing to see «beyond the horizon».

Мерседес + iPlate + Cloud

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