Finished projects

  • Realised serial production of new modifications of Antonov AN-140-100, AN-74TK-300D, AN-74T-200A, AN-140 VIP aircraft (2002-2007) 

  • Created international sales network, signed contracts and agreements on aircraft deliveries, aviation aggregates and appropriate services with organisations based in Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Venezuela, Azerbaijan (1997-2007) 

  • Creation and organization of the «InterAMI" – a Designer, Construction and Manufacturing Complex on the development and release of aircraft, helicopter, auto and railway carriage interiors. During “InterAMI’s” activity, interiors for AN-74TK-200, AN-74TK-300, AN-74TK-300D, AN-140-100, AN-140-100 VIP, L-410 UVP (E) VIP, Yak-40 VIP, Ka-226 VIP and Ka-226 ambulance helicopter options, concept of the underground carriage and other projects were created (1999-2009) 

  • Organised participation of Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company in aerospace exhibitions Le Bourget (Paris, France), Farnborough (London, United Kingdom), MAKS (Zhukovsky, Moscow region), Aviasvit XXI (Kiev, Ukraine), Kish Air Show (Iran), Dubai Air Show (UAE) and others (1997-2007)  

  • Creating and management support of new airline «Aeromist-Kharkiv» (Aeromost-Kharkov)  (2002-2007)  

  • Realised non-aviation projects: organised manufacturing of “Amitron” TV sets in collaboration with “Samsung” (1992-1995); manufacturing of polymer concrete (1994-2005), joint production of packing materials with Duropack AG (Austria) in Ukraine (1994-1997)  

  • Publication of periodicals: newspaper «Event» Rus. «Sobytie»  (1992-2005), scientific and technical journal "General Aviation" (2000)  

New projects

  • Creation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles based on piloted aircraft, using Fly-by-Wire or Fly-by-Optics control systems together with full authority digital engine control systems (FADEC) (2009-to the present time)  

  • Organisation of serial production of civil aircraft under license agreements (2013-to the present time) 

  • Support and development of software communications’ startups (2014-to the present time)  

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